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Campfire Friday: How was your Lammas?

..or equivalent rite?

It so happens that this year the Ancient Egyptian New Year, Rising of Sopdet and the birth of Osiris fell on last Friday. Aug 1st. We celebrated till 2am with good friends and happy deity while we unburdened ourselves of last year's baggage, to make room for the better things to come.

How did you celebrate your Lammas?
Labgirl...That wasn't my Thumbs Down.. I give everyone who takes time to answer my questions a Thumbs Up..even the jerks.
I wish whoever the ThumbsDowntard is would get off my question.

I had a HUGE 16 foot pile of long dead logs and other wood nicely stacked into a nice bonfire and sure enough it rained dogs and cats the whole day. :(

So essentially I had a quiet little circle inside and watched the bonfire get wetter and wetter. I drank a bottle of mead. talked for hours with a couple of old friends and generally shared the day touching bases and getting caught up on all the news/gossip/and other happenings amongst my small group of like-minded friends.

Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch

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